Lot of talk about Hinrich.

Lot of talk about Hinrich.

Postby sm61893 on Sun Feb 14, 2010 11:46 pm

I know we have talked a lot about getting Hinrich so this is what I was thinking. We all know that we will not trade Fisher unless we can re-sign him this yr. So what if we pulled a Dallas/San Antonio deal. Send Fisher, Morrison, and Farmar to the Bulls for Pargo and Hinrich. The Bulls agree to release Fisher and 30 days later we sign him to the Vet min. Bulls do not get anything but cap space (about $10.2 million in cap space), but if they are going to be a player this off season they need more space. Below is an article talking about the up coming cap space. With this trade the Bulls would have the third most cap space behind the Nets and Knicks with better players to build around.

4. CHICAGO (With Trade 3rd)
$53.6 million salary cap: $12.9 million of cap space (With Trade $23.1)
$50 million salary cap: $9.3 million of cap space (With Trade $19.5)

http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/dailydime ... -091030-31

With that much space they can sign a top player and not just a 2nd tier player.

Trade Does work.
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Re: Lot of talk about Hinrich.

Postby SebasSinclair on Mon Feb 15, 2010 4:41 pm

I really hope the Lakers can get Hinrich but they keep talking about it too much so I dont think it will happen but I read today how if the Lakers cant get Portland involved it could work out...the trade would go down as

The Lakers get Hinrich

The Trailblazers get Sasha and Tyrus Thomas

The Bulls get Adam Morrison, Steve Blake, Travis Outlaw, and what ever they need to make this trade work out...drafts picks or whatever...the bulls would take off 13 million of their payroll for next season...

Do I think it will happen no way but we can dream :-)....and yes this trade works out dollars wise...

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