Memphis Lakers Round 2

Memphis Lakers Round 2

Postby Doc Brown on Fri May 13, 2011 11:47 am

Trade: Memphis gets rid of Mayo and adds artest to play defense along side battier, Rudy Gay gets shipped out because Memphis plays better without him and we give them Odom to serve as a backup for Randolph and Gasol. We take Tony Allen for the draft picks and Blake. Vasquez is a throw in.

Lakers get: Mayo, Gay, Vasquez and Tony Allen

Memphis gets: Odom, Artest, Blake, Sasha's Trade Exemption and 2 or 3 2nd round picks

Free Agency: Split MLE to sign Carl Landry (majority of MLE) and use the rest to sign Aaron Gray
Use Veteran's Minimum to get a backup center - Kwame works, even though I dont like him

PG: Mayo / Vasquez / Fisher
SG: Kobe / Allen / Johnson
SF: Gay / Barnes / Ebanks
PF: Gasol / Landry / Caracter
C: Bynum / Gray / Kwame
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Re: Memphis Lakers Round 2

Postby Phil XI on Fri May 13, 2011 12:07 pm

Gay, Vasquez, Allen are in the Grizz core. They are not trading them. Probably not keeping Battier either since they already have 6 players vying for the 1/2/3 minutes next season not including Battier OR Mayo. They'll either trade Mayo for a pick, a big, or for salary relief to free up money for their other needs (SYoung, Arthur, Gasol).

Conley Jr, General Grevious, TAllen, XHenry, SYoung, and Gay... more than enough to fill out 144 minutes per gm.
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