Postby khmrP on Tue Feb 05, 2013 5:05 pm

Ellis, Dunleavy, Dalembert
Pau, Sacre, Fillers (anyone on the bench)

gives us an elite bench scorer in Ellis (was a bench guy early in his career in GSW avg. nearly 20ppg and very high eff.), floor spacer in Dunleavy and Dalembert is our insurance @ C for Howard going out. This does NOT repeat does NOT kill out 2014 plan whatsoever. Dunleavy/Dalembert expire this summer, while Monta has player option for 2013-2014. Basically try to sell him on opting in and reup him once we can confirm Howard resigning. This trade could not save our season for the playoff but also gives us more depth and even more balanced bench.
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Re: Milw

Postby XXIV on Mon Feb 11, 2013 11:35 pm

Monta would have to be coming in off the bench, which may be a great change for him considering he loves to score and he'll get a lot of shots with the second unit. Also, a Nash/Ellis/Bryant/Clark/Dwight lineup would be deadly offensively. A player I would love to have on the Lakers is Ilyasova. He was phenomenal last year and is beginning to get back to that form again. He reminds me of Earl Clark and having him coming off the bench would really help us get a solid bench unit going.

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