New CBA and S&Ts with Dwight question

New CBA and S&Ts with Dwight question

Postby Alcindor on Fri Mar 08, 2013 7:17 pm

First off, I have no desire to see Dwight traded but I am in an argument with someone elsewhere on the subject of whether Dwight can be moved in an S&T at all.

What I am being told is that Dwight could be signed and traded this summer to another team for a player(s) as long as that team receiving him isn't above the tax apron i.e. 4+mil over the tax and as long as that player(s) coming in is on an existing contract and not being signed and traded themselves.

I was under the impression that the Lakers could not be involved in any S&T regardless of whether the player coming back is on an existing contract or being resigned due to us being over the tax apron.

Any CBA wizards on here know the answer?
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