Original Gasol to Houston Deal

Original Gasol to Houston Deal

Postby jhalp on Tue Jan 10, 2012 5:08 pm

I know this has been discussed but would like to know your thoughts now (10 games in):

Gasol for Dragic, Scola, and Martin

Dragic as a starter the last couple of games put up some nice stats. Scola is a poor man's Gasol who would get you 17/9 a night and he can hit that top of the elbow j. Kmart can drop 40 on you off the bench backing up kobe and dragic. The only thing i'm not sure about is their respective contract situations.

Is dragic starting material? Can Scola give us 90% of what Gasol brings? Is Kmart the backup two that will give us some bench scoring?

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Re: Original Gasol to Houston Deal

Postby XXIV on Wed Jan 11, 2012 11:06 am

That would be a great trade for us in the sense of how many voids we help fill. We get an upgrade at the point guard position in Dragic, a good PF to replace Pau in Scola, and another scorer who can create their own shot in Martin.

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Re: Original Gasol to Houston Deal

Postby dj vitus on Fri Jan 27, 2012 1:32 pm

Interesting, but I'm still not convinced Dragic is starting material.
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Re: Original Gasol to Houston Deal

Postby waltonout on Wed Feb 08, 2012 11:52 am

Goran Dragic is 25, but his numbers are not impresive at all. - 7.9ppg-3.5apr-1.5rpg.And is horible 3 point shooter at .283 %. and not a good defender.

Kevin Martin (29) has 1 more year under contract, after this season.He makes $ 12.0 mil now and wil get $ 13.0 mil for next season.Do you really think a reserve of Kobe should make that much money? He scores almost 20 points per game,but is playing almost 35 minutes now.

Luis Scola is already 31 and at 6'9", he is downgrade at PF position.Has four years under contract @ $ 8.5 this season + $ 9.4 + $ 10.2 + $ 11.4.At the end of his long contract, he will be almost 35 y.o.

So this is not a good trade idea for the Lakers.They need to concentrate on bringing Deron Williams to LA by using Gasol and fillers and then, work on posible deal for Dw.Howard,by trading Bynum,M.W.P and draft pic, or as a FA in the summer.After that, there will be a rows of waiting to became a Lakers FA's to build a solid second unit.That is what M.Kupchak has to work on.Nothing else.

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