Pau for Josh Smith?

Pau for Josh Smith?

Postby lakersin4 on Wed Dec 21, 2011 4:17 pm

It's apparent that our biggest need is PG.. We're not stacked @ PF anymore with Lamar gone but I think we can afford a slight downgrade there & still do really well if it means upgrading the backcourt.. What I propose is this

Pau Gasol
Steve Blake


Josh Smith
Jeff Teague or 2 cheap contracts
Kirk Hinrich or Marvin Williams

We could also take Marvin instead of Kirk or some cheaper contracts instead of Teague(probably what they'd want) As long as we come away from the deal with JSmoove + 1 of those PG's I love the deal. Pau has much more of an overall impact on the offensive end but Josh is clearly the better defender..

We get much younger & quicker even if it's Hinrich instead of Teague.. & if we manage to include a 1st or something to get them to give up both PG goes from our weakness to deepest position.. In Mike Brown's system we need a real PG, we can't hide behind Phil's offense with a spot up shooter anymore.. Only 1 game into the preseason it's already very clear that we need a real playmaker out there besides Kobe.. It also doesn't hurt our offense as much as it would most teams, because we just give Drew & Kobe more touches in the post..

Atlanta does this because they can finally have a legit 1st option in the post to go with JJ.. Smoove playing like a tweener kills them with Hortford not dominating the paint.. Pau can do this for them & give them a legit chance of going deep in the east.. They've been shopping Josh all offseason but want an upgrade.. Pau is their guy..


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