Pau Gasol to Chicago Bulls?

Re: Pau Gasol to Chicago Bulls?

Postby tttppp on Wed Dec 21, 2011 4:30 pm

prometeus wrote:"[...] Gasol to the Chicago Bulls for Carlos Boozer and Kyle Korver.

Chicago did not get what they wanted last season from Boozer, and a deal would make sense with both teams as the salaries would matchup and both players will give their respective teams 18-20 points and 8-12 rebounds each night. [...]"


Boozer isn't half the player Gasol is. Boozer is an undersized, overrated powerforward who is too small to guard centers and too slow to guard anyone other than powerforwards and is not a good shot blocker. Boozer also lacks the skill that Gasol has. Korver can make threes and do nothing else.

The Lakers are better off releasing Gasol than they are making that trade.

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