Predict your hopefuly next offseason

Predict your hopefuly next offseason

Postby Kobe8Bryant4Life on Thu Feb 22, 2007 3:12 pm

What would you do?

My offseason:

Trade: MIN/LAL
LAL Trades:
SF/PF Vladimir Radmanovic
PG/SG Sasha Vujacic

MIN Trades:
SF Ricky Davis

Trade: LAL/UT
LA Trades
PG Smush Parker

UT Trades:
PG Dee Brown

Jamaal Magloire MLE

Starting Lineup:

PG Farmar/Brown
SG Kobe/Evans
SF Davis/Evans
PF Odom/Brown
C Magloire/Bynum
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Postby PurpleNGold1 on Thu Feb 22, 2007 6:23 pm

ricky davis/? naaa hell na id trade for a player who can play d and shoot consistently
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Postby RedemptionCL on Thu Feb 22, 2007 7:47 pm

Nice Avatar Kobe8Bryant4Life :mhihi:

What game is that? You got a video clip of that?

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Postby Critical Beatdown on Fri Feb 23, 2007 2:33 pm

I wouldn't change much. I'd bring in Charlie Bell to spice up the competition at PG and give us a defensive-minded dude to throw in the mix (and he can also defend the 2 and 3), and I'd use the 1st round pick either on a sniper and guy to spell Kobe at the 2 who falls in the draft (like Almond, Marcus Williams, Byars, or Rudy Fernandez), or possibly on a big man who falls more than expected. The Charlotte 2nd rounder I'd use on a guy like Big Baby Glen Davis or possibly another defensive-minded, versatile swingman like Quinton Hosley or a big man project like Sean Williams or Marc Gasol. Also, I'd sign a backup center, a guy like Mihm or Ely or whoever is available. I'm gong to assume Smush signs with another team to maximize his earnings.

Here's the lineup:

1 - Bell [24], Farmar [24], Sasha
2 - Kobe [36], Sasha [12], Bell, Almond/Byers/Williams/Fernandez
3 - Lamar [24], Luke [24], Rad, Hosley
4 - Kwame[12], Lamar [12], Rad [12], Ronny [12]
5 - Bynum [20], Kwame [12], Mihm [16]

That's a very deep lineup with a nice mix of veterans and young, emerging talent. If we don't have Smush than Bell will start at point. I really don't know what the heck we're going to do with Rad, since there's clearly not enough minutes for him, unless Kwame can't play PF and play C instead, in which case we probably don't resign Mihm and instead get a cheaper backup to ride the pine.

1 - Bell [24], Farmar [24], Sasha
2 - Kobe [36], Sasha [12], Bell, Almond/Byers/Williams/Fernandez
3 - Lamar [24], Luke [24], Rad, Hosley
4 - Lamar [12], Rad [20], Ronny [16]
5 - Kwame [24], Bynum [24], backup, Cook, Ronny

Even with this lineup I don't see Rad playing as much as he'd like, but as long as we're winning, which we'll be doing at an elite level unless we get injuries again, then Rad will probably be happy. I wouldn't be surprised if we trade him by the trade deadline though if we don't have the minutes for him, but we'll probably find a way to get him out there.
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Postby High IQ on Fri Feb 23, 2007 3:08 pm

^ How can you put Lamar twice in a lineup? Cloning will be allowed? :man3:
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Postby Crispy on Fri Feb 23, 2007 3:50 pm

FA Signings:
Charlie Bell-MLE

lamar odom for chris wilcox/earl watson, swap 07 draft picks.

corey brewer with 1st rd pick:

jermareo davidson with 2nd rd pick:

PG - Bell/Watson/Farmar
SG - Bryant/Evans/Vujaic
SF - Walton/Brewer/Radmanovic
PF - Wilcox/Turiaf/Cook
C - Bynum/Brown/Davidson

i feel that by next year, bynum will be able to be that second scoring option (18p/9r) isnt pushinng it at all, if he keeps improving). wilcox can be that versatile pf that we need. (9p/6r). bell and watson can duke it out for the starting spot, but i feel bell will get the nod. he can hit the open 3, lock up, and makes good decisions. (11p/4r/3a) i dont think brewer is quite ready to start, so walton still gets the nod. expect a similar season from walton (11p/4r/5a). last i think kobes scoring average will go down even more because this team has great depth (25p/6r/7a) defensively we improve a lot. 2nd string: watson/evans/brewer/turiaf/brown!! :man4: if we put that lineup out at the same time, that would really cause problems for opposing offenses. offensively, we dont have as much talent, but kobe, bynum, and walton is enough offense right?

maybe i should be gm. :mhihi:
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