Rasual Butler?

Rasual Butler?

Postby cthroatgtr on Tue Feb 16, 2010 8:29 am

If the trade rumor of Camby for Outlaw/Blake occurs the Clippers will be stacked at SF. Someone is the odd man out and if the Clippers are trading for Outlaw/Blake you have to assume that the deal is for Outlaw. So why not try and get Rasual Butler? OK not the "marquee" name but he is exactly what the team can use. Butler can play SG/SF and is a very good perimeter shooter. He is also a solid defender and plays hard but more importantly he is a consistent player. Ideally suited for the bench he would provide a backup to Artest/Kobe and insurance to cover Luke's injury. He is also a bit cheaper than Heinrich which means the front office would be willing.

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