Rip Hamilton to Celts? Why not us?

Rip Hamilton to Celts? Why not us?

Postby tmpl924 on Thu Feb 17, 2011 3:07 am ... gets021511

botom of acrtike. Celts could end up with Rip. He brings much expirence and a ring and can shoot the 3. If the Celts are trying for him, I think we should as well. He pay D and much experince, and and he knows how to score and win. That is what we need a Rip.Why arent we looking to find deals like that?

We need his scoring and exp to salvage this season, We must all see we are in a dire need to space the floor for bynum& gasol to work together like Roberson and duncan play 9 (seperate note Bynum and gasol should be studying robinson and Duncan tape. they played great together but bynum and gasol dont seem to play great together but i think they could easily)They need a shooter & and winner who can play some D. i am not saying bynum in the deal but if bynum goes down we are done. we need to a back up talented C to back up Bynum and allow Gasol to be his natural PF player. As you may have seen when at PF Gasol is an allstar 30 and 20... anyways we need something and I dont hear much.

Shaq almost begged to comeback and retire in LA after that allstar perfomance in kobe. We should had grabbed him for payoff bball and to back up bynum. Instead we let boston grab him for nothing, he would ad came back if asked to LA andmade it work fin. butBuss couldnt still do it.

shaq wanted to go out in staples center and we didnt pick him up..

People like to bame kobe for Shaq leaving but it was Buss. They knew they had to decide kobe the future or Shaq, who was demanding a crazy deal and injured more than playing. wade won the finals not shaq. anways we couldnt afford them both and shaq was out of shape, not ready to make it work. wanted like 20 mil a yr. kobe is gone because of cost. shaq should had took his rewards and help himself trade but y did we pass on him for nothing. We all know he knows the players, system, coach, he would have help but the celts grabbed him.

After he knew he awsnt coming here to retire he went green but vy then if he had come back kobe could had always went to sleep knowing shaq wont come win one and imagine shaqs well i tied kobe jokes.. Shaq plays games and at the end of this drama thats all tis is to him, he didnt need t Cs petty $$$

we messed up not grabbing Shaq for the pennies the Cs paid him. We could have usd Shaq for a few months.... lets not let them grab all the exper with Rip Hamitoo too

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Re: Rip Hamilton to Celts? Why not us?

Postby artuditu on Thu Feb 17, 2011 5:17 am

I would go after him just to prevent Celtics from getting him. He could be the true sixth man they lack since Posey departure. In LA he could even be a starter before Artest.

But doesn't he have a big 3-year remaining contract in Detroit? Would he really buy out and probably get a minor contract to chase a ring? If that was possible, I would definitely try to sign him and then trade Artest for whatever anyone give us for him.
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Re: Rip Hamilton to Celts? Why not us?

Postby tmpl924 on Thu Feb 17, 2011 6:59 am

The Pistons are looking at a buy out where he of Rip but also ... nba-322697

Harris is on the market 2, Deron Williams must want out of utah after the Sloan sit. i dont know if the fans want Wiliams or a trade. Send bynum/Brown/Barnes utah for Williams and Jefferson.
Dwill/ back up fish,who mentored Dwill so they have a good past,
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Re: Rip Hamilton to Celts? Why not us?

Postby captainhoop on Fri Feb 18, 2011 4:50 pm

The best team for him to go on where he would start is either Chicago or Dallas.

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