Sensible Off Season Moves

Sensible Off Season Moves

Postby DankMank on Sat May 19, 2007 7:23 pm

IMO, the best thing for the Lakers to do is to pursue the FA market and trade for one big name player. The FAs I would pursue are Mike Bibby, Grant Hill, Malik Rose, and Antwan Jamison. Bibby would fill a role we've needed for so long which is a threat at PG. Grant Hill has proven he can play with a solid season. Plus he is no dummy on the court which we seem to inherit a lot in our players. Malik Rose would be a good player along with Turiaf for defense, rebounding and "dirty work." Antwan Jamison is a person I call a Laker-Killer because he always eats us up. He is a solid veteran that he never played on an elite team and I think he would be a great fit at the three. As for a big name player, it has to be Garnett or J.O'neal. Trade Bynum or Odom but not both alng with Brown with anyone else they will take. I think this team would get us where we want to be.


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Postby Giorgio Moroder on Sat May 19, 2007 7:40 pm

Bibby and Jamison are not free agents.
PG- Jalen Rose/Farmar
Sg- Kobe/Shannon Brown
SF- Dorell Wright/ Dermarr Johnson
PF-Lamar Odom/Turiaf/Sean Williams
C- JO/Mihm/Williams
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