The Duhon trade can happen if....

The Duhon trade can happen if....

Postby figtab on Mon Jul 03, 2006 4:30 pm

The Pistons resign him. That will basically require the bulls to go after mihm and a filler for duhon and a filler.

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Postby badboyhoward on Mon Jul 03, 2006 8:43 pm

we don't need this cat i don't think he would fit in.

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Postby Alleyhoops on Mon Jul 03, 2006 9:17 pm

Bulls got their center today. Big Ben signed on.
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Postby LakerMatty on Tue Jul 04, 2006 9:37 am

Alleyhoops wrote:Bulls got their center today. Big Ben signed on.

1 aspect of the Big Ben signing that most people arent considering is that Wallace doesn't imporve their low post scoring, which is what they lacked last year. In fact it makes them a lot worse. The fact is that his athletic ability is going down every year and his drawbacks are starting shine. Like his lack of offense and scary FT%. I kind of understand why Detroit didn't want to pay him 60 mil over 4 years.

Im willing to bet that Chicago is shopping around for a low post scorer. And they have trade bait in Ben Gordon or Duhon. Mihm was the most consistent offensive threat (behind Kobe) the Lakers had before his injury.

Id have to do more research :freak2:
But I think Mitch could swing a trade somehow w/ the Bulls.
Wasn't Mihm on the Bulls at one time? That makes it less likely to happen if thats the case. :man11:
Its all about the TEAM
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