THE KEY TO 3-PEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE KEY TO 3-PEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby ADUB on Wed Jul 07, 2010 8:34 am

Look Guys,

You have to educate yourselves more on the league when your making these suggestions.

#1. There are salary cap considerations.
#2. We have existing free agents with expiring contracts that free up money under that cap.
#3. Our free agents are Derek Fisher ($5MM+), Adam Morrison ($5MM+), Jordan Farmer ($2MM+), Shannon Brown ($2MM), Mbenga & Powell.


#1. We need to decide if we are ready to turn the corner at point guard. Is it time to say goodbye to D Fish? If you feel like we need his leadership and we have a window of another 3 years with Kobe. Then you resign him. There are some other point guards out there in that price range (Steve Blake, Luke Ridenhour, Earl Watson). And before someone says something ignorant like lets trade for Chris Paul - WE CANT AFFORD HIM!!!! We also have to many guards on our roster. Last year Fisher, Farmar, Brown, Bryant, Vujagic. Before you say something ignorant like lets keep Farmar and get rid of Vujagic. Sasha is still under contract and farmar is not. And we cant trade vugagic, because lets be honest, who would want him??

My vote, keep re-sign D-fish and Shannon Brown. Let go of farmar.

#2. We need a consistent perimeter threat. Lets be honest all of our perimeter players are streaky. I know the lakers are talking to Mike Miller. And I like Miller. The problem is Miller made $9MM last year in this free agent market with so many teams with cap room, Miller would have to take a huge pay cut to play for the lakers. I think Kyle Korver is a better option. He made about $5MM last year and we could pay him the money we paid Morrison last year to sit at the end of the bench.

#3. With Bynum constant injury problem we need a more skilled big man that can get us some minutes. Brendan Haywood could be that guy. He made $5MM or so last year. Its going to be tough to sign him, korver and Fisher, But possible. Let Farmar $2MM go and Benga $1.5MM. See if D Fish will take a little salary cut and sign your draft picks.

We get this done and I think Phil get's his 12th and Kobe gets his 6th!!!!!

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Re: THE KEY TO 3-PEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby sm61893 on Wed Jul 07, 2010 3:58 pm

With Blake in all we really have left is vet min level money. It is going to be hard to get anyone ells but scrubs because so many other teams can offer 3, 4, and 5 mil to players that are in the ok to good category. Unless we see old vets that what to come to LA to try and win a ring all we can hope for is to resign Fish and Brown and pick up 2 scrubs to sit on the end of the bench and then sign our 2 draft picks. With that we would have 14 players under contract. Our best hope to get a good role player now is to use Sasha's exp contract before the trade deadline.
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Re: THE KEY TO 3-PEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby oloks_yu on Thu Jul 08, 2010 12:06 am

D-fish will be back next season and Blake is a good addition, with this line-up if healthy we can push to a 3-peat

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