Trade Pau to Indiana?

Trade Pau to Indiana?

Postby Ludachris on Tue Jan 22, 2013 9:28 am

I know, it's not completely reasonable to expect them to trade Granger away, but hear me out... I think they'd like to get a veteran in there who can play in the post the way Pau does. They'd like the speed, energy, and potential of Clark. And Morris would simply be a throw in to ease the loss of Augustine. Does that mean they'd trade Granger away to get it? Doubtful, but they've done okay without him with Paul George stepping up. Maybe they're willing to take a chance moving him in an effort to improve their post play?

Would we want West? Not necessarily, but he has a better jump shot than Pau, which would allow Howard to own the post and he's got one year left on his contract. Augustine (as a backup) and Granger are obvious upgrades. Maybe we turn around and package MWP and Duhon or Meeks for a better backup for Kobe around the same time.

Probably not realistic, I know. But it seems more plausible than most everything else I've seen suggested. It's one of the few cases where we might actually get a quality young player back for Pau, along with a couple very serviceable players. And this also gets us out from under Pau's contract sooner, since West and Augustine both have expiring contracts.
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