Trading Bynum?

Postby LawSin on Tue Apr 24, 2007 1:28 am

thevilOne wrote:
Kobe Bryant 8 wrote:I'm starting to convince myself that brining Pau Gasol here would be the right thing to do, even if it gives up Bynum. Now, don't take this as an anti-Bynum thread; I love the kid and think he has a bright future, but consider this:

"A report from the Los Angeles Times says the Grizzlies have dropped the price of Pau Gasol as the franchise looks to trim payroll instead of find equal value for the player. "

And yes, I know that offering Bynum and our scrubs is enough even if contract shredding isn't the goal.

Bynum, Mihm, Shammond, McKie for Pau Gasol and Tarence Kinsey?

You can't put a price on the prime of one of the greatest players in the history of this league.

Gasol, Odom, Walton, Bryant, Farmar (Would be THE BEST passing team in the league)

Bench of Turiaf, Evans, Kwame, Smush, Vlad? VERY serviceable.

That is a solid, solid lineup.

Best passing team yes. But same problem, even worse. No defensive athletic point and no one to swat in the paint. At least we have Bynum to clog the middle and next year he will be even better and more mature.

Really? is 2.1 bpg (not to mention about 20ppg and 10 boards) somehow worse? as for defense in the lane kwame still managed a better job. No point? We kept our first 2 options - its not like we're so worse off - the point situation isn't even relevant to the trade proposed. Not to say that gasol trade is likely but you really think it'd hurt us?
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