Why not Dajuan Wagner?

Postby halekulani on Fri Aug 05, 2005 5:19 pm

FabFourLakers wrote:Knows how to play? are u kidding? Why dont u look at his rookie season? The Cavs ruined his confidence when they benched him man...same with Kwame...all it takes is a new situation for a player to get his game back...i mean i dont wanna compare DW to Vince Carter, cuz we already knew what VC could do...but im not saying hes gonna be playin for us a lot...im sayin he COULD be a valuable asset off the bench and coudl be a surprise u know?

He may have horrible work ethic and he may be injury prone, but he certainly does NOT suck...the kids got talent and u cant teach that.....and his ball handling skills at best AVERAGE? I dont think uve really seen this guy play at his best...and thats why i think we shoudl give him a chance in a back up role and maybe he can turn some heads and become a starter some day...

no i don't know. and he still doesn't play defense.

horrible work ethic + talent = bust. it's the one and only formula that manages to stay consistent. oh, and defense wins games. universal rule of sports yet to be broken.
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